Blogging Basics for Career Services Professionals


Part 1

  • Create a live blog site with WordPress.com
  • Perform basic administrative tasks in the dashboard.
  • Publish a blog post

Part 2

  • Determine writing goals
  • Find your blogging voice
  • Develop content ideas
  • Find other career-topic bloggers


Establish your own blog site using WordPress.com’s free platform, which is currently home to over 30 million blogs. This session covers initial account set-up, dashboard menu navigation, basic setting adjustments and tracking tools, as well as how to publish your first post. The technical aspect of blogging is just one part of the overall process. The second half of this workshop will include practical activities through which participants will begin to develop goals for their writing and content ideas.

Attendee Preparation:

  • Choose a blog title: Be creative! And remember you can change this later.
  • Draft your first blog post: This should be either in a Word Document (.doc or .docx) or in a text file (.txt) and can be brief – just a paragraph or two. You can pick any topic you wish, but may want to focus on an introduction to your new blog. This file will allow you to practice the steps of creating a blog post, and can be edited or deleted at a later date.
  • Select an image file: This is optional, but if you have a picture or other image you want to include in your first post, we’ll cover this in the session. This file must be one of the following types: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png

TechLab Presentation and Resources

Click for PDF version of session slides:  TechLab IV Presentation – Blogs
Click for .doc version of session guide and worksheets:  TechLab IV Handout – Blogs

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